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    Osemu Operation

    You all guy know I do not own an Enigma2 box. So my knowledge of how it works is very limited. I do use Osemu as a source code for encryption protocols. But I am interested in the process not how to set up or config files. Please note that I am asking for help not trying to say what it is...
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    Eutelsat/Tricolor OTT SmartBeam

    So I been given a new asigment. But it has been hard to bite. There seems a new servive sice 2016. Eutelsat/Tricolor OTT SmartBeam See When I look at the data I see 5 packed pids. Further incplete analisys show 1...
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    I move here to keep FPGA talk separately. Original post where at k2tset thread At the moment I was introduce to FPGA Solution. We were presented with a low cost development base on more explained here...
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    crypt8 definitions?

    Please do not read bellow this line. Thank for your curosity. This thread is NOT about CSA RBT Chains. NO Creation, merging, modifying, HDD or space requirement stuff,etc. So if that is what you are looking for: Please do not read bellow this line. Thank for your curosity. I am aware of...
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    Selecting a Simple Tuner FrontEnd for Win7

    Selecting a Simple Tuner FrontEnd for Windows To moderators, If you feel this thread should belong to another area please feel free to move. Why I am posting Here. Because the intention is to have a temporary easy method to test some T2MI channels. This seems to had started here...
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    Lets chit-chat: Survival of encryption hacks

    In my personal opinion some encryption hacks deserve some sort of protection. Low cost receivers could hurt us all at the end. So I guess some sort of protection should be consider. let me explain. I am no expert but I like to look at the future. Hack! Go and google a description. But had...
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    BF source code or binaries.

    Listen I am writing apart of the main thread to keep thing in topic on that thread. This thread can be deleted if you guys think pertinent. I am going to request to please be inform that you do not like what I do or write previous of banning. As before I can just go in the dark and post any...
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    Crypt8 questions

    Some Crypto8 questions I have not found answer on my search here: I will try to be simple. I see there are 3 main tables: 08hx00h 99.2% linklist_08hx00h.txt 08hxFFh 99.3% linklist_08hxFFh.txt 08hx000300h 97.9% linklist_08hx000300h.txt On each file there are about 100 links of...
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    Coder or Hacker needed for CW-TS analisys

    Yes we are in need of some one that is willing to help us develop a small PC application. We need an app just like tsdec or ModySat but with the following improve. 1-From what I see in tsdec it uses 1rst cw that matches to sync then it start decoding until it has no more cw to match or fail...
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    Please upload PowerVU EMM Streams - Chat area

    I am posting this here in the hope we do not get blame any more for helping others with logs. This is frustrating. I we help the we get blame for chating. But if here we post results we will get blame for posting keys. So PLEASE be smart. DO NOT POST KEYS HERE. I proposed using this to...
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    Tandberg-slow learner questions

    This thread is in fact a follow up on: Hacking CA system challenge *Tandberg I hope the moderators will allow this thread as the Original thread all ready morphed from Learning Understanding & Hacking to a Log Submit & key request. At most...
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    Need Help CRC for PVU EMM

    CRC32 for ECM work like a charm. But not EMM!!! Do you guys know how to calculate CRC for EMM? I will really appreciate. -------------------- As a note: In general ECM use fletcher or "0x04c11db7" polynomial. My best guess is that it uses a different polynomial
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    Sat Video/ECM grabber

    Help what Sat Video/ECM grabber I need Hi all. I am looking to record a Full TS file with both Video/EMM/ECMS etc. I am new. What is the best or simple ts grabber that can do this operation. Thanks ahead.
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    Saludos desde PR

    Saludos a Todos desde la isla del encanto. Gracias por este prestigioso foro. Ho tu every body from PR and thanks to all for their support to this forum.:)