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    BBC Astra 28.2 Freeview

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    BBC Astra 28.2 Freeview

    I have a Strong FTA (SRT 7007) receiver for receving UK freeview channels on Astra 28.2. After my latest channel search, the picture of all BBC channels appears for a few seconds, then just a black screen. The receiver doesn't find BBC South East or London any more either, after a channel...
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    Golden Interstar HD FTA S

    Just purchased above receiver for Freeview channels on Astra 28.2. I would really appreciate some help with three questions:- 1. How can i move channels up and down in my favourite list, so they appear in the order i want (e.g. BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three etc)? 2. Is there any s/w for...
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    New Firmware for Ariva 52E

    Any chance if someone helping out with a new firmware version for the Ariva 52E? It would be nice to have Youtube and YouPorn working again! Thanks in advance, Regards, Smasher2
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    Firmware for Ariva 52E

    I have a Ferguson Ariva 52E. I haven't been on this site for a while, and noticed that the Ferguson section is now gone. Can someone please tell me if i can still download firmware for this receiver (as i'd like to get YouPorn working again). Thanks in advance!
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    VU+ receiver to buy.

    I'm about to buy a VU+ receiver, which i'd like to use with my 110cm Triax dish, which i would like to motorise. My questions are:- 1. Which of the VU+ models would be best for regular firmware availability? 2. Would this receiver be easy to set up with a motorised dish? 3. What channels can...
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    youporn not completely working

    Can't get Youporn to work properly with my Aria 52E. It just gets stuck on categories section, and page up/down too. Anyone else having the same problem? (Youtube still works though, but not Daily Motion). regards
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    Motor for Ariva 52E

    I'm planning to motorise my 110cm Triax dish, to use with my Ferguson Ariva 52E. My questions please:- 1. Is this possible with this receiver? 2. Can anyone recommend a good motor for this dish/receiver? Hope for some help! Thanks!
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    Opticum for Free-view/YouPorn

    I would like to buy an extra HD receiver, for free-view english channels, on Astra 28.2oE. I have a Ferguson Ariva 52E, which is great, but they're not made anymore. I am thinking of buying an Opticum HD receiver for free-view. My questions are:- 1. Which Opticum receiver would be good for...
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    Replacement for Ariva 52E

    I contacted my satellite retailer, as i would like to buy another Ferguson Ariva 52E receiver, for receiving free-view English channels on Astra 2E, 28.2oE However, i'm told that this receiver is no longer made, and that a similar replacement Ferguson (for freeview only) will be available in 3...
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    150cm dish 'support arms'

    150cm Offset dish 'support arms' I have an old Offset 150cm dish which i'm about to tune in for Astra 2E UK Freeview channels, for use outside of UK. As i am missing the 3 'support arms' that hold the LNB in place, in front of the dish, i may have to make my own (if the previous owner can't...
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    Ariva Firmware - no channels now

    Ariva Firmware Will the latest Firmware for Ariva 52E fix YouPorn? Hope someone can let me know...thanks!
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    Ariva - new firmware

    New Firmware for Ariva seems to be taking a long time...anyone know when it's likely to come (mine is an Ariva 52E)? Thanks!
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    Ariva 52E & YouPorn

    Can't get YouPorn to work today on my Ariva 52E. Everything else works with my Ferguson W02 Wi-Fi adapter (apart from Daily Motion, which NEVER works!). Anyone else have same problems with YouPorn? Maybe a new s/w update will come soon & fix the problem? I'd appreciate your views...cheers...
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    Ariva 52E & Motorised Dish

    I have a Ariva 52E. My question is: Can this receiver be motorised WITHOUT the need for an additional box (like V Box or whatever is needed)? hope someone can let me know... cheers!
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    1.5 or 1.8m dish in Sweden

    I'm living near Gothenburg, Sweden. I've recently lost most of mu UK free-view channels on Astra 2A (with my 110cm dish), when this was replaced by Astra 2E, at the beginning of Feb. this year. My questions are: Will i receive ALL channels and more importantly, AT ALL times of the day, if i...
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    Ariva 52E with motorised dish

    I have a Ariva 52E receiver, for viewing of UK Freeview channels outside of the UK. As the signal-strength is now worse for me (after Astra 2A satellite was replaced by Astra 2E, at the beginning of February), I was wondering if this receiver can be used for a motorised 180cm dish, and if so...
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    180cm dish...wall bracket?

    I need to get a 1.80m dish (told it's better than 1.5m) for viewing of Astra 2E IN Scandinavia. I know this dish is HUGE, but is there any way it can be fixed to the wall of a house, as i really don't want the ugly thing standing out in the garden! I can support it by lowering it down on the...
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    Latest Ariva Firmware

    Anyone know if the latest firmware for Ariva models(20140320 Ariva52E) has fixed the 'YouPorn' crashing problem? I'd appreciate your views, thanks!
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    Original s/w Ariva (14-02-27)

    Anyone else have s/w problems with latest Ariva s/w (not the EMU s/w but ORIGINAL version, from 14-02-27)? When i choose videos in 'YouPorn' on my Ariva 52E, my picture freezes, just before i select the 2nd or 3rd video, and then the 'Menu' button on the remote stops working too! Maybe the EMU...