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    NordVPN-Connector Version 0.4 r11 help wanted

    When installing NordVPN-Connector Version 0.4 r11 I get as far as downloading the config files during setup and my DM8000 crashes and reboots. The receiver is running OpenPLi 8.0Star 20210219 GSt 1.18.3 (v6) on a japfar sim. Has anyone else experienced this and where do the...
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    Ghostwriter Software

    I have a Ghostwriter which I need the software for if anyone can help. I had an HDD failure a couple of years ago and lost everything and now want to get back into the scene so any help greatly appreciated.
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    DM8000HD help needed

    I have just dusted down my DM8000HD receiver after a few years to experiment with newer images especially the iptv function and now I seem to have bricked it. I had the Opendroid firmware installed from around 2016 but when connecting via web browser to reprogram a different image the facility...
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    QBOX_HD for sale

    QBOX_HD for sale brand new and unused, still in the box as I received it from the dealer, no wi-fi module fitted. Divorce forces sale so the first £325 inclusive of 1st class insured postage gets it.
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    Triple Dragon for sale

    Outstanding condition and loaded with the latest image, priced for quick sale in the U.K. £120 or nearest offer inclusive of insured postage.
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    Mgcamd still not working

    Mgcamd, for me anyway, is not working correctly these last 3 updates. Still with this last update you have to restart the receiver everytime you change a channel, so once again its back to an older image with the bootloader of 25-09-09. Anyone got mgcamd working properly nowadays? and, if so...
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    Howdy all

    I am told that this is the place to be, so here I am.:thum: