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    best image for dreambox 900 uhd

    Ok, so I have a dreambox 900 uhd, I have not turned it on in over 2 years, after reading a bit it looks like many of the bugs have been worked out so I ask what is the best image that works well with powervu and oscam.
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    EMM data stream record

    Is there a way to use the DM900 to record the EMM data stream that will work with PowerVu Home Edition, I have been looking and reading and I can't seem to find any info on it. Thanks :mecry:
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    ? n3

    has anybody seen this file GOOGLE this and see if it a fake i think it is but i dont know.
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    az hd premium plus problem

    i have the az hd premium plus and i loaded a bad file and now i have a black tv screen and no menu. on the front of the az box it reads rescue mode can some one help me with this problem. thanks.:mecry:
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    what am i doing wrong.

    want to load a bin file on my az box premium hd + i can load new firmware no problem but not a bin file. what do i need to do. thanks.:confused: