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    For Sale GtMedia V9 prime with Mars server activated till 10th October 2024

    Hi,, I might be interested. Does 60 Euro include postage? Is it twin tuner? Many thanks
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    Viark Forever boxes

    It was. All sorted - seemed to lose the wifi connection for some reason, but all working now Thanks
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    Viark Forever boxes

    Hi, I've just got one of these boxes and it had 10 months on it, but when I gone into the information it now says disconnected. Why would that be? How do I resolve it? Many thanks
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    4:2:2 decoders

    I've got an AZbox and a Quali TV if someone would like them Free, to help clear a bit of space
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    Viark Forever boxes

    Where can you get these boxes or are you not allowed to ask due to sponsor? Racing TV appeals, for sure
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    FTA Horse Racing Feeds

    Active today - Saturday 24/06
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    How to consistently get Horse Racing feeds?

    Where are the latest 7e feeds please, as I havent seen any posted for a while - FTA or BISS?
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    Hi Look time looker but not posted Got a Vu Duo and a DM800SE Viasat Latvia, Sat BG & JSC Cards Thanks