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    Euronews Biss(Astra 4A @ 4.8°E) CHAT

    Euronews Biss(Astra 4A @ 4.8°E) Back on, same tp and key. Tested on TM-7102
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    Tuner/Diseqc setup 7102

    I have a 7102 T2 Super and looking for some advice about tuner setup. My goal is to have a 16 port diseqc on each tuner, but would like to have 0.8w on both diseqc's port 1 with all other ports having different LNB's. I can set "twin" in tuner settings and have 0.8w on both tuners but then both...
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    National Geographic (ID: Live Frome Space ) @ 9°E**CHAT**NO KEYS**

    National Geographic (ID: Live Frome Space ) 1080i Eutelsat 9°E 12053 h 27500 SID:0002 Now showing test image with text "Fox 4 Line HD, RRsat -USA ENC-16" Earlier today showing football match
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    Diablo WIFI 2.6 defective?

    I bought a new Diablo Wifi v2.6 with 1.88 firmware, working with official conax card. I reflashed it with Underworld 2.28, uploaded files and connected to fausto. Everything works great, for about a week. A day i turned my Vantage 8000s, on, the cam did not decode anything and it could not find...
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    Error flashing EMU fw for 8000s

    I'm running latest org. fw 02.83 and trying to downgrade to EMU 02.55. Trying to flash via usb or ftp, i get this message: Selected file is damaged or different model. I have also tried rs232 with both winup and chnl editor, i was told to just rename the file from hdp to dlp, and the file...
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    BBC 27.5w

    Is there anyone that has the BBC chnls on 27.5w "open" on a Vantage HD box? I get a good signal (84-87%), and scan ok. But get a "No A/V Signal" on all chnls. I have tried to enter custom PID etc. values from this post: The only way...
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    Identify Cards

    I have a couple of cards i can't identify and get working properly. I have tried cleaning them, with no result. Tried with WinExplorer but no extra info. Hope someone can help me identify these. Cas Studio Programmer Info: 1 White card(with no text or markings) CPU: PIC16F84 EXT EEP: Unknown...
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    Diablo2 & Funvia issue

    I have an issue with Diablo2 and Funvia Card. The CAM crashes when i insert a card. I have used a Fun4 card it works great in receiver(Vantage HD). And if i use the CAM with the card in receiver, the chnls only clear every few secs. Ipnosys 037 with empb keys and EMU 025501 for Vantage used Hope...
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    TNT Sat Silvercard file

    File writing ok, but channels not clearing
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    Softcam Channel List. Update 24/08/12

    This is not yet a complete list, it will be updated over time. Keyfile created with Wantage Maker 2.7, tested on 1100S, EMU 025501. Prog and keyfile avalible here: ___________________________________________________________ 4.8e 11766 TET 1+1...
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    Vantage Maker 2.7+Keyfile 24/08/12

    Vantage Maker 2.7 For creating key file for Vantage receivers. Working under Wine Key File from 24/08/12 Log file included
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    For Sale Matrix Reloaded & Magic CAM

    I have a Matrix Reloaded and a Magic Module for sale Will ship to EU
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    Issue with TPs 12718 @ 12.5w

    On Eutelsat 12 West A @ 12.5w there are multiple TPs with the same number and same pol, 12718. The signal, as indicated on the box, starts at 84%, then jumps to 48% and then to 0. This "cycle" continues every 2 sec. I have tried every LNB in the shed, including HQ invacom. No matter what, i...
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    Diablo 2.2>D2 upgrade issue

    I have a Diablo Light 2.2 and trying to upgrade it to a Diablo 2, but i am not able to. When i should get the "server is active", i instead get "server is active. you must use cas studio 9.1.0 or higher. I can continue, but after reading cam i get "update terminated with an error" without any...
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    Wanted: DM500 Clone

    I'm looking for a very cheap used DM500 Clone(DVB500S), hope someone can help :thum:
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    For Sale DM800 Clone *Very Faulty*

    Box is about a year old with Sim 2.01. The tuner the box came with failed about a month ago, replaced with an org. DVB-S tuner. One fault is after an img is installed, you can reboot the box or take the power a few times before an error apears. BL76 gives an "error" on the LCD. BL69 just...
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    Linux Media Center

    I'm building a linux Media Center and looking for software that can run emu? The software i have been looking into are: Mythbuntu 10.04 and LinuxMCE 710. Has someone has experience with this?
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    USB WIFI adaptor for DM500s

    I saw that it's possible to use certain USB WIFI adaptors with DM800, it that also possible for DM500S? Running Gemini 4.60.
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    Installing AAF Flash UBoot guide

    I'm looking for a guide for installing UBoot 1.3? So i can install Oesterimg in flash.
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    Atevio 700HD and AAF CS

    Does anyone know if it is possible to share a card via 700HD with AAF img?