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    Man, 25, First In Scotland Convicted Of TV Broadcasts 'Card Sharing'

    Man, 25, First In Scotland Convicted Of TV Broadcasts 'Card Sharing' A 25-year-old man has become the first in Scotland to be convicted of ''card sharing'', which allowed encrypted TV broadcasts to be viewed without a valid subscription. Gavin Gray, 25, of Bellshill, North Lanarkshire...
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    cccam working in Merlin 4 for db7080HD

    cccam working in Merlin 4 for db7080HD Cccam 2.1.4 working in Merlin 4 for db7080HD 1. unrar and send ftp all files to correct location 2. chmod all files to 755 3.upload the enigma2-plugin-extensions-userscripts_5.0.2_mipsel.deb to tmp and install. put the cccan.cfg into etc and chmod to 755...
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    stuck in ET9X00

    Hi All I just flashed my ET9X00 with the latest pli image and when it rebooted it stays in ET9X00 and wont go any further anyone know how to get this receiver going again :mecry:
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    Azbox ME 1.75

    I have just installed aztrino 1.75 north american (release date 17/04/2012) it works ok just change the sat.xml file to european The main menu is better than 1.6 version ie. 4= settings 5= channels in channels go to DVB-S2 tuner there you have Antenna setup, Positioner seup, tps scan, sat scan...
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    problem when I jtag my azbox hd

    I have a problem when I jtag my azbox hd all goes well untill I get to this stage Yamon> load -b tftp:// 0x90020000 About to load tftp:// Press Ctrl-C to break ................................. ...
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    help oridginal patch.bin file

    hi all I need the oridginal patch.bin file for azbox hd prem i have just jtaged it and all went well untill the box ask for the oridginal patch.bin file anybody who has this file please upload it in zip format or P.M. me for my email address so you can send it to me thanks in adv:mecry:ance
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    How to recover azbox stuck in booting

    How to recover azbox stuck in booting hxxp://
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    azbox hd enigma 2 image

    azbox hd enigma 2 I have loaded the latest image PB-Beta-3.0-AZBOXHD but i have problems dowloading channels i only download half the amount of channels ex, astra2 530 services whereas it should be around 1140 services its the same on other sats. I aso had ths problem with other images the dish...
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    PB-Beta-3.0-AZBOXHD fix

    PB-Beta-3.0-AZBOXHD positioner crash fix After running the PB-Beta-3.0-AZBOXHD I have found a bug in it. Selecting - menu/setup/service searching/positioner setup/ This causes a crash and enigma reboots - however it's easy to fix! open the file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/
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    Black Hole Clarke Tech ET-9000 v. 1.4.3 OE-BH 1.6

    hi all I cannot get the my usals to work with Black Hole Clarke Tech ET-9000 v. 1.4.3 OE-BH 1.6 when I try to tune it crashes, works good with pil image but I need the black hole image as it has openVPN anybody has any idea why this happens thanks in advance
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    Hi all I have a problem with qboxhd loading the boot loader file i get this 8.TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT is this correct
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    Bug in technomate 600

    Hi Ferret I have the same problem as the guy you answered and I followed your instructions but to no avail I still have the same problem with the technomate 600pvr any ideas Thanks in advance Majz:(
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    Hi All How to cs in cccam with azbox hd
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    Barryallen for db600

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen_0.4.2-r6_powerpc for DB600PVR works ok:thum:
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    HI all Does any know how to install Barry Allen on the DB600 a DF-II.v.11.1_DM600 image tried everything but I cannot install it. Need help :confused: Thanks in advance Majz
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    SifTeam 1.9.4

    I cannot get dcc to work on this version password is not known can anybody can please tell me how to change the password thanks in advance:confused:
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    Hi I need some some help to get myth box to reconize the free to air tuner and the second tuner Majz:confused:
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    Qbox upgrade Internal memory stick

    Internal memory upgrade: I have swapped the internal memory, which is basically a stripped down USB stick for a whopping 16 gig one. What I did is brutally open the case of a brand new stick. cut away some of the steel case that surrounds the contacts. Then I formatted it to FAT32, and named the...
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    I cannot get my qbox hd to load all i get is on the front a red flashing front led panel any bod can help Thanks in advance Majz:mecry::confused: