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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

    I Think this package works using oscam, but now is like Movistar, you need a really good contact who provides you good lines.
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    It's being a few days since Movistar are doing some changes. Almost 15 channels left and other like DAZN La Liga or Eurosport were moved to other TP. Let's see what happen, because I don't think that they remove most of all major tv channels available on DTT
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    Is Movist@r still working?

    Still working using Oscam, but only using a private server.
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    Viark Forever boxes

    Movistar haven't got UHD channels available on Sat, only on FTTH conections. On Astra you can watch right now RTL, UHD1 and ProSieben with common clines On Hotbird you have Rai 4K, Eleven Sports 4K (not HDR) and Eurosport 4K & TVP 4K when there are Olympics, UEFA Euro or World Cup. But also...
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    Viark Forever boxes

    And only 100-120 cm in the south of Spain and Portugal (below Madrid and Lisbon) Here in South Spain you can catch all MENA beams with 1m dish or less
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    Spanish Abertis DTT Sat @ Hispasat 30W - Chat & How to guides

    I don't think so. And not all the buildings prepared UHD Spain Mux. It only broadcast from the main repeater of the city and you can only tune this channel if you have invidual terrestial antenna or your build just add another mux.
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    Encrypted Feeds (Requests for Keys Only. DO NOT POST KEYS IN THIS THREAD!!! USE THE KEYS SECTION)

    19.2e 11473 v 7200 FEC 3/4 WRC Japan CW??