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    brippi68 ci ha lasciati

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    Problema Angeli?

    Di nuovo in linea 11-11-22
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    Wanted Vu+ Ultimo 4k.

    I'm looking for a Vu + Ultimo 4K without hard disk and without DVB-C / Terrestrial Tuner. I would accept it even without a satellite tuner. Specify payment and transport fee. Only if well maintained and in good condition. Thank you.
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    Black Hole 3.0.2.J

    On line update Black Hole to last release 3.0.2.J - Update drivers (Solo4K ) - Fix FCC problem (Solo4K) - Add new FBC frontend proc interface (Solo4K)
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    Hi To All Mates.

    A great HELLO to allo mates from the latest newbie just registered.