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    For Sale Azbox prem hd+ w/o hdd

    Including all accessories payment Paypal worldwide shipping £110
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    Azbox HD+ Lockup first boot.

    anyone does have this problem? im using HDMI in 1080p resolution and notice after successfully boot in the first time in a few mins after viewing channels or in the settings it suddenly screen flash about 2 sec and came back. But cannot do anything but to hold the power button in the remote to...
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    Azbox Premium Plus Stable OFW version for Blindscan

    Can somebody suggest what would be the stable OFW version for Blindscan? I already tried 5402 and 5400 and sometimes i experience no channels or 0 channels during after searching active TP on blindscan, and i usually catch duplicate channels which is annoying sometimes. cheers
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    Please help: Azbox HD+ From dual boot to DOM OFW

    I need your hand everyone. currently i am using dual boot RTI 1.7 on my DOM and 5402 on USB, i want to stick back into pure OFW on my DOM the problem is that it won't let me detect the patch.bin file on my USB i tried 3 USB format the following to FAT or FAT32 but with no luck i tried...
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    Azbox Prem HD+ 4:2:2 mpg2 feeds on original Firmware? YES or NO

    Can someone confirm? just a simple YES or NO if azbox HD + works viewing 4:2:2 MPEG-2 feed on ORIGINAL FIRMWARE. I can confirm that 4:2:2 MPG2 works on E2 OpenATV 4.2 Thanks
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    RTI 1.7.0 on Az Premium+ Blindscan not working

    Does anyone how to make this work? it doesn't scan any TP.
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    Best E2 image for fast and stable Blindscan

    Hello everone i ned some advice, seems i can't find some stable images with good blindscan capability except Original Firmware. Any help would be great. Cheers
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    Low signal quality on OpenAtv 4.3?

    :(Just installed the latest build Jan/03/2015 My main issue is that SNR is -20% compare to original firmware i just notice. does v4.1 has this issue also??
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    Azbox Error : Internal, code = ffffffff

    Can someone help me how to prevent this error? is causing this the type of TTL cable i use? Quote: xosPe0 serial#c9d980e5d371a956785968997944df35 subid 0x50 xenv cs2 ok xosPe0 serial#c9d980e5d371a956785968997944df35 subid 0x50 xenv cs2 ok xosPe0 serial#c9d980e5d371a956785968997944df35 subid...
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    Someone installed Openatv 4.2 on AZbox HD + Clone???

    I have a clone box which works pretty good on other images except OpenAtv 4.2 with 3.3.1 kernel. Anyone share an idea how to get this work?
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    Questions: Azbox Premium HD Plus Clone Owners

    Hi everyone first of all i just ordered an azbox HD+ clone from china,and expected to be arrive by next week maybe. i owned an DM800se clone aswell and turn out to be pretty good in terms of support and preformance and been 3 years using it with Openpli4. The reason i purchased Azbox Prem HD+...
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    Buying CSA rainbow v1 table chain 030,FFh | Paypal

    can someone has these plain types? full table i am willing to donate via paypal, in exchange for the download links.. Thanks pm me for skype
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    CSA Rainbow v2 Chain Exchange

    Let's help each other to increase the success rate finding keys on v2 posting download links of chain types generated originally. Will post mine links when ready. RBC3 file only please. Sharing is Loving.. :thum:
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    CSA 1.18 Chain exchange HELP....

    Hi everyone, i just started calc chains and made 2 chains these are the following: CSA_B8hx00h_10000h_AE6450h CSA_B8hxFFh_10000h_606E78h I am still calculating more, and will exchange them to you after i have few more..These 2 uploaded on so it's pretty fast Thanks more power...
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    ELP! Need "Nemesis2.4 SVN(098r6)-dm800se-ramiMAHER #ssl84a" working download link

    I really need this image Nemesis2.4 SVN(098r6)-dm800se-ramiMAHER #ssl84a for my DM800HDse please help me find a working download link? Other link redirect me to Ilivid a scam phishing site.
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    Rev G tuner Blindscan issue [DM800HDse]

    First i have this DM800HDse when i first bought it with BCM4505 original tuner, at first i was surprise because i was able to to Blindscan and i tried several images with blindscan feature without any problem. Then when i replaced my tuner with the new Rev G based on BCM4505 chip, supplier said...
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    [DM800HDse] rev G tuner compatible image

    Hi do you know any image that compatible/compiled with rev g tuner? i have issue with blindscan, blindscan ended up without TP being found. No problem with regular scan. I tried Newnigma2 4.0.7 OE2, TSimage 3.0, Nemesis 2.6 OE1.6 those images have blindscan feature but none of them works. I...
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    Install OSCAM YMOD manually in DM800se

    can someone help me how to install it via FTP and the right file to download? im using Persian Empire RC2 image. and to configure it step by step. i have an option to download OSCAM YMOD in my current image but i cant run it because image says i dont have OSCAM installed. :(
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    need expert>DM800HD se working with BISSKEY

    i will pay $10 via paypal if someone will fix my dreambox800se working with my BISS KEY. expert only. skype: auxius123