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    MMA /UFC FIGHT Feeds

    7e 11189 H 7200 GCUK Enc 16 4.2.0 UFC 300 Pre-Fight Press Conference
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    4:2:2 decoders

    i thought the thread is about H264 4:2:2 1080p
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    4:2:2 decoders

    it is irrelevant. you need to pay attention to CPU power
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    Encrypted Feeds (Requests for Keys Only. DO NOT POST KEYS IN THIS THREAD!!! USE THE KEYS SECTION)

    42e 11109 V 7200 - beIN SNG 2 Main 11606 V 6200 - SNG-2
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    B* SS Server Status and Updates

    it looks like it doesn't work anymore.
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    GPGPU using Opencl

    you could always record encrypted TS and decrypt later
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    B* SS Server Status and Updates

    is there any other public c8 server except for the inaccessible one?
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    Es'hail-2 - X-Band (25.8° E)

    I had about 10db with inverto LNB and 110cm offset dish. Watched it using PCTV 461e
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    FIFA/Inter' Football/Hybrid Club (NOT for Club vs Club from Same Country! SPAIN,ENGLAND,PORTUGAL etc have there own threads)

    From last night: 📡Arabsat 5A 30°E 📟10741 H 3125 📟10804 H 3000 📟10808 H 3000 📟10815 H 3000 📟10818 H 3000 🖥Bein max feed's 4.2.0 (FHD)⭐️ 10741 H 3125 showed live match
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    Faster channel for FIFA World Cup

    AFN at 60fps probably better than most of the easily available channels
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    Best Lnb 2020

    Inverto LNBs tested at weak beams, such as 11767 V 15000 at 42e, several H/V transponders at 7w (MENA beam) and usual 10e/7e feeds in a clean part of the spectrum (where WDB get no interference due to tuner bug) IDLB-SINL40-ULTRA-OPP IDLP-SNL410-PREMU-OPN IDLP-WDB400-E1040-OPN There is no...
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    end? -BISS-CA Conditional Access Mode for BISS2

    Try splitting 52gb file into 10 5,2gb files and search each one individually. When found C8, split the 5gb file into smaller parts and repeat, continue until file size reduced to minimal. Then explore with hexviewer and tools..
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    ( CW Finder C-8 Tools CW / C-8 Update List )

    Why need to specify device for crypt8 finder? It works with AMD?
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    Board, User-Status-Issues & Permission Issues. Post them here

    All the thread title fonts are too large. Some threads have long title this is then split into 3 rows taking up too much space. Is there no way to repair backup drive, or boot it just enough to copy db?