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    sky uk sd chanels

    Has Channel 4 changed the CW in SD?
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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

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    Cryptoguard hacked

    Which chipset is used by this provider?
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    dstv africa 36e

    To run your own card you must have to extract the CWPK from the cpu
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    dstv africa 36e

    Which CPU they are using ?Are they using only STi H237? What are the smart cards versions?
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    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    Any solution found for new PowerVU mode?
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    sky italy works on cccam?

    Sky UK HD working fine on SP1 Codes on Forever receivers
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    My name is Jamez and I am glad to be a part of this wonderful forum:)
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    Anyone know of Oscam for SUN DTH ?

    If you have DM500S then this binary can remove Surf lock from ur card. Download Link =