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    4:2:2 decoders

    I stream 422 to my Nvidia Shield using the E2 Streamer app. Works well 80% of the time but there is the occassional feed that won't play ball and can stream a bit jerkily! Most feeds are 420 anyway so the amount of times I've watched 422 I can count on one hand last 12 months. Champions League...
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    4:2:2 decoders

    Azbox Premium + only does mpg2 not modern mpg4 feeds.
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    H2H Usals Diseqc motor, Dish size and weight limitations?

    Here's my conundrum. I want to hopefully be able to recieve the EPL feeds on 3° West ABS-3A (assuming they start again). I can receive the 13 or so channels on that bird, Retecapris etc (and the German footie feeds when they are on there) with my USALS motor, 1.1m mesh offset and inverto black...
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    What size dish 3.0West footie feeds UK?

    For instance I don't have a sniff of match feed at 11471 V 10000 today on my usals 1.1 metre offset in West Mids on my receiver with best receive sensitivity ZGemma H9S. Can you post: Rec footie feeds 3W: No Dish : 1.1m offest Usals Receiver(s) : ZGemma H9S/Vu+ Duo2 Where: West Mids Thanks...