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    Beta JSC_SPORT

    a firmware exists for decoder Beta (ali 29C) Support_JSC_SPORT_CAID_0603?
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    FTE max s92+

    Do you excuse it is possible to know which firmwares he is able' to insert on the decoder FTE max s92 +? Thanks.
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    Firmwares Beta?

    I apologize but I would want to have an information on the last official firmware of the team Moresat (ali_dvbs_29C_010311.Bin) for decoder beta since I cannot try in this moment if the channels of Bulsatcom work around 39 east inserting a cas it dates of today, however' I have noticed that on...
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    Paper (carta) jsc irdeto

    Is someone able' to tell me as to do for making a refresh of the paper to the jazeera irdeto? Or it is able' to do me the favor to naturally do him/it for me in pm I will give' the number of the paper.
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    FTE maximal ird 420 sm

    Someone please it is able' to tell me if on this receiver the firmware of the team Moresat can be inserted? If the rispsosta were can you be told me which of the various firmware must be inserted?Thanks.
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    This morning I have loaded with the program Ali MiniUpgrade 55 the firmware posted by moammed tanko for my FTE 212 usbs and everything you/he/she has gone to regulate then I have wanted to put always with the usual program a firmware where possible to see the channels in seca but to this point...
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    How come?

    Lei non è tagliato in ceppi in o Lei non ha permesso per accedere questa pagina. Questo potrebbe essere dovuto ad una di molte ragioni: 1. Lei non è tagliato in ceppi in. Riempia di nuovo nella forma al fondo di questa pagina e prova. 2. Lei non può avere diritti sufficienti per accedere...
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    Se puo' interessare oggi sui pioneer :thum::thum:
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    Un grande saluto ha tutto il forum da un nuovo arrivato.