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    Version 1.0.6 Beta ist veröffentlicht. Changelog: Improved filtering. Added multiple choice for service type and satellite position. Improved built-in player. Added GStreamer and MPV support (experimental). Added display of bouquet list in playback mode. Added list font and picons size...
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    13 East - AD Sport 3 HD, AD Sport 4 HD chat

    Softcam work no problem mate F 012D1FFF 00 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;Abu Dhabi Sport 3 HD (13.0°E) F 012D1FFF 01 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;Abu Dhabi Sport 3 HD (13.0°E) F 012E1FFF 00 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;Abu Dhabi Sport 4 HD (13.0°E) F 012E1FFF 01 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;Abu Dhabi Sport 4 HD (13.0°E)...
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    [Plugin] WireGuard-Manager

    [Plugin] WireGuard-Manager by Murxer With the WireGuard Manager you can easily create a WireGuard Server on a ONE or TWO, or establish a connection to a WireGuard Server as a client. Any system can be used as a client if WireGuard is offered here. Here is an example: Dreambox...
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    DemonEditor V1.0.4 Beta DEB

    DemonEditor V1.0.4 Beta DEB 1-Added basic support for alternatives (#42). 2-Some IPTV streams detection fix. 3-Redesigned network settings. 4-Added switching position of fav list on the fly.
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    [Backup] Edision Argus Mini Sat ip

    Backup del fw ILTV ver. 1.5.61 con le seguenti impostazioni: - Logo Boot sostituito; - Settings 13E ordinati secondo la numerazione LCN TivuSat da 1 a 200 (non ho inserito: 420 People TV, 422 Telecupole, 445 Padre Pio Tv HD, 454 Parole di Vita, 518 Emilia Romagna 24). N.B. - Il fw ILTV postato...
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    ncam 11.6 config. tivusat ok

    ncam 11.6 config. tivusat ok aggiornamenti file config. sauti
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    1 Using an FTP program, move the file TS-E2iplayer-2021011 01.01-mod.tar.gz into the / tmp folder (/ var / volatile / tmp) on the box push. 2. Start Putty, insert the following lines using copy and paste and press Enter: init 4 sed -i '/config.plugins.iptvplayer/d' /etc/enigma2/settings rm...
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    [E² Plugin] TS-E2iplayer

    17.11.2020 E2iPlayer for E2 The original public version of sss is closed. This version includes all Tsiplayer hosts from rgysoft and XXX hosts hosting the other public versions from Maxbambi, Zadmario, Mosznowy, Codermik and Colombo.. Instructions:Execute all Telnet commands completely only...
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    New enigma2-plugin-skins-cino.pli.fhd_by.cino.drsat.OpenPLi6

    New enigma2-plugin-skins-cino.pli.fhd_by.cino.drsat.OpenPLi6 And final edit skin cinopli-fhd for you Openpli 6.2 & openpli 7.3 Images ​ download: enigma2-plugin-skins-cino.pli.fhd_by.cino.drsat.OpenPLi6_all.ipk (925.38 kB, downloaded...
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    All Picons Mirror needed for CobaltFHD 13E 19.2E skin

    All Picons Mirror needed for CobaltFHD 13E 19.2E skin download PICONY
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    Skins-nacht_1.7.3_DunkelHD_Shr776. ​ Testowany OpenPLi 7.3 | OpenATV 6.4 :download: enigma2-plugin-skins-nacht_1.7.3_DunkelHD_Shr776.packed.Lucek_all.ipk​
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    Multi-finder Satellite DVB-S/S2, Terrestrial DVB-T/T2, Cable

    30-10-2020 Update New Firmware v.1063 Le News sono all'interno dell'allegato
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    Octagon SX88 und 88+ Settings list

    Updated again on November 2nd, 2020 Updated 28E 02.11.2020
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    Lista Clarke Tech

    Liste Clarke Tech del 13.10.2020 3100 HD 5000 HD-S
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    MultiCS r82 hellboy V..xx

    MultiCS r82 hellboy v49 ## Changelog ## r82-hellboy-V49 - [FIX] CS378X/CCcam connection working again with OSCAM Trunk version - [ENH] new config parameter HTTP ALERTS: OFF ## Show Alerts page (default: ON) - [ENH] Cacheex become a new config parameter for Cacheex AIO Oscam CS378X USER EXT: ##...
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    Nuovi setting BWARE RX 8900 Settembre 2020

    Aggiornamento del 14/09/2020
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    Gigablue HD 800 UE Plus

    Which is the best image for gigablue till now, opinions? device:Gigablue HD 800 UE Plus
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    [Plugin] Log sky V13/14 EMM (problem-solving for E.g. Edision OS)

    What is installed? -It be dvbsnoop and gawk and installed the Emmlog plugin. Installation: - File on a USB flash drive download and install off in the receiver - the menu extensions - install from the USC-stick - receiver restart Plugin set up:-call the extensions -Serial ID of the remote...
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    Ncam settings web:: Ncam Admin Control: (192.168.x.x) user: root password: ldteam Config: /var/tuxbox/config SoftCam.Key: /var/tuxbox/config SoftCam.Key Not included!! ************************************************************************ Changelog v1.0: -...
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    ItalySat 8 Gigablue Ue Plus new Backup

    ItalySat 8 Gigablue Ue Plus new Backup 2016 plaese new dowload?