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    Square FHD

    enigma2-plugin-skin-square-fhd_2.2 thx maggy
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    MovielistPreview Plugin - Create thumbnails for AEL

    MovielistPreview Plugin I once pimped the ancient Movielist Preview plugin from AliAbdul a bit, so you can create preview pictures for your recordings if no pictures can be found with AEL. So that they are displayed in the movie list and in the EMC. This works with private videos...
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    skin nemesis black fhd

    New Update 12/05/2020 Nemesis_Black_FHD thx maggy
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    Black & Brushed Alu HD Mod by Humaxx

    Update : v.0.0.91 11.05.2020 --> thx Humaxx:thum:
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    [Plugin] Advanced-Event-Library

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-advancedeventlibrary_1.0r37 1.0r37 thx tsiegel
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    Official Firmware NEXUS Series

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    Official Firmware NOVA Series

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    Enigma2 Plugin eHue

    NEW Version 0.2r1 thx DarkVolli
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    [Enigmalight BETA Test] Beta 0.1r5-b9.3 24-09-2014 ChangeLog: - Enigmalight can be used as grabber or moodlamp or server for boblight/hyperion clients - Its only onefile, so now it use 8-9% cpu @ 1920x1080 with interval @ 0.10 (10fps) and can run on a dualcore with interval 0.01 @ 90fps with...
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    Skin shockstyle - vibrancy HD

    Skin shockstyle - vibrancy HD thx giro77
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    Skin maxHD

    maxHD v1.5 ::::maxHD v1.5:::: bugfix thx mambu80
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    PzyEMAIL: pop3, imap und smtp, mit WebBrowser

    20.08.2014: update v0.7.9 thx pzy-co
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    Nanostyle HD.ME für OE2.0

    Nanostyle HD.ME für OE2.0 thx arki
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    WM 2014 v0.2

    WM 2014 v0.2 thx einfall
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    gb800ueplus-PBNIGMA-VX-3.0-1-20140504 1145-gb800ueplus-pbnigma-vx-30-1-20140504-experimental-usbzip/
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    gb800seplus-pbnigma-vx-30-1-20140504 1144-gb800seplus-pbnigma-vx-30-1-20140504-experimental-usbzip
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    (E2 ST7111) OpenAR-P OE2.0 211 (03-05-2014) MOD by Ghost 707

    OpenAR-P OE2.0 211 (03-05-2014) MOD by Ghost 707 - add new bootlogo - add skin Discover MOD by Youssef - add some plugin Download
  18. H thx koepi
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    Fenerbahce HD

    New Update : thx Maggy
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    High Tech HD

    New Update : thx Maggy