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    TVSH albania ....sound

    trying to get sound during Fest Performance. poor sound? tried nicam, no! was using stereo! what they do.....stereo apposing phase. so at center balance sound is cancelled! answer is to mono ,only one left or right not both as you would normally do. there is no...
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    WC3 16E

    launch tomorrow 7 oct 2011. GOOD LUCK TO EUTELSAT THIS TIME
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    which sat for tc swiss please??

    got web page but cant read german,lol
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    tc swiss question..............

    hi m8,s which is tc swiss??? if i ever knew i,ve forgot:) cheers
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    is open on via 2.3,key active 08
  6. D freezing

    dont know why but if you go to CI on systeem info in reciever menu find your way to globo in nagra section ....keys. just cick ok as if you,ve entered keys. exit........... should work now till channel change,
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    via 3?

    lots of rumours from 24.8.10 That via3 is being opened true or false?. same guy that cracked irdeto2 it seems!! cheers all.
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    emu ,would be good in....

    matrix reborn ,for erdito 2 had via 2.6,useful for three weeks . emu for erdito2 would be Great!
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    akta 5e

    this is where we need to go when digi goes down. not n3 yet akta now. needs id +key. emu ok.
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    via 2.6 provider

    AKTA 5E Lots of progs here any prov ID ,keys about for this one???
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    RE...ZCAS V1.1 for MatrixCam Reborn

    reborn was original ZCAS It was upgraded to UCAS some time ago. BEWARE your cam may not work if reverted to this file!
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    blinking transponders

    hotbird 11470 and 11565 unstable transponders today.
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    matrix reborn,TPS,AES.

    whats hiding in sr4 .neo 404/mrb 404. its line in TPS for AES key. has to be updated regular as only room for 1 key. access via remote control only.(dec). someone like to test this.......:)
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    Tps viacess only

    TPS running on Viaccess only no crypt3. for now only
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    hustler fta 5e

    Hustler and Romantica on 12.111 H all max fta
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    hi all. channels freesat now listed as such on lyngsat. 28e. including recent additions E4,E4+1,more4,more4+1.(same transponder as film4)
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    hi ,i entered a new e.mail address it is not recognised by your computer. [email protected] this is new msn e.mail address. you will get more of these as people upgrade there msn service. your acknowledgment was recieved after change. link back says" code not recognised". have updated other...
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    please update your computer

    hi all my new e.mail ends with replaces hotmail is new address for MSN.(2008)
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    will we get n3 on a plate.

    hi freinds, rumour has it that n2 was sent to us by the sly boss. will other busts be given in the encryption battle as take overs ensue.??
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    those who cannot usually view multi and other tps channels. keep dropping in on them . they were viacess only again two nights ago. crupt 3 was off. you cant tell when it is going to happen next till its over.:cool: