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    DC 2000 PVR ?

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if latest software from 28th December working or not. I cannot get in to run. after loading softeware and entering MENU 9998 nothing happens - when I watch the T2 signal strength it continually goes to 0 % and when I change transponer it shows again for a few...
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    set one server as priority before trying others??

    Hi there, is it possible to set one line as a priority. Running all within cccam 2.2.1 cfg file I have a Nline which I want the box to use before trying the clines. Just now I have the Nline first with the 4 clines following it I thought this might be enough but not so - box often goes to...
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    Picons with ramiMAHER+vti image

    Hi there - can anyone tell me if picons work with image: ramiMAHER+vti-dm800hd-v-0.1-2011-10-22 #ssl82 I have picons on the USB stick but cannot get them to show on screen. USB is mounted as HDD - crossepg working - recording working but picons = no. Thanks
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    dm800 images working for record/playback???

    Anyone help me with a image that has a working record - playback feature. Driving me nuts trying to find one that plays back from usb stick. All the images seem to be able to record to the usb stick without problem but not playback. Any sugestions welcome. :confused::confused: Hi mods -...
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    Merlin EPG

    Any one help in how to setup Merlin epg ???? :thum:
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    How long to flash

    Hi there - flashing OpenPli Beta DM500 ArmyDream_By meteor from latest dm500 pli image thread. Loaded image and initiated flash - seemed top go ok but now all that is happening is the 'OpenPli Beta' screen is going off/on every second - this has been going on now for around 15 minutes. Any...
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    connecting DM800 through laptop to internet

    Hi there, is it possible to connect the DM with Ethernet cable to a laptop with the laptop connected to internet - would this work? ie DM accessing information it needs through the laptop. If it is possible to use as above can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for any replies.
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    Dongle etc changes - revisions

    Hi there and thanks for all people like adnanji who post the updates for receiver files and dongle files. Is it not possible when posting the files to give a short breakdown of why new version? For example Y6 + Silver Box 3.22 W6 + W3 What does this mean - was it W6 was not working and now...
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    Y6 Dongle - Down ?

    Anyone confirm that Y6 Dongle not working or is iy just my setup. Thanks for replies. :thum:
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    Merlin EPG For Sky uk

    Can anyone tell me how to set up Merlin EPG for Sky UK in the DM800 cccam 2.1.4. Just now only channels in list are from Astra 1 Image used just now = newnigma2-snapshot-2010-08-01 Cant see any option that allows modifying channels to download epg for. Thanks for any replies :thum:
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    Motor Control/Signal Strength

    Hi there, just got 800hd box and playing around with now. Box has Gemini 5.01 image , Boot 76, SIM 2.01 installed Managed to get system up and running (after many frustrating hours) but have lots questions left. Having used lots different sat boxes I find the options for motor controls not...
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    MoreBox or Dongle - best to get?

    Hi there, is there anyone there with knowledge of both MoreBox amd Dongle? Is one better than the other? Any replies are appreciated. :thum:
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    What Box To Buy?

    Hi there, not sure best section to post this question - mods know better place please move. I have a twin receiver 'Ibox DT1' (rs232 type). Software just now uses W6 as source satellite but see software at using W3...
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    6300CU Super Reset

    Hi there, I have a problem with my receiver not responding to all functions of my remote. For example if I try and delete channels through - menu - chanel - delete (red button on remote) nothing happens. Same if I try and select extended channel list with - ok - red button will not give the 3...
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    Anyone a member at tunisia-sat?

    Hi there, been trying to access their site for info on the Y4/Y5/Microbox dongles. Is there any one here a member. If so can you please send me an invitation to join. This would be very much appreciated. Thanks to anyone in advance.
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    Abra Card and Arabsat?

    Hi there, can anyone there let me know the status of orbit package - some of my Filipino friends here at work asking. It was working when I left on field break in February but has been gone for some time now - is it a encryption change or just no one know any k***. Any answer is appreciated.
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    Y4 Dongle - anyone got it working just now?

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if the Y4 is working just now ok. I came back from leave and loade the V1.4 software for intelssat but the picture keeps breaking up after only 5/10 seconds. Any one having same problem - using 3500CUCI Answers appreciated. :confused::confused::confused:
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    5300 super question re CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen

    Hi there, off back to work in Libya tomorrow. Can anyone tell me if it is the complete packages CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen that are ok just now or just some of the channels. Thanks
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    Any info Y4 Dongle - 2 Dishes 1 On Eutelsat W6

    Anyone there have any info on the system using 2 sat dishes - dongle getting signal from dish pointed at Eutelsat W6 and feeding serial port of receiver - other dish used to get signal from say Hotbird or Nilesat feding LNB input of receiver. I know this system works with some starsat receivers...
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    On upade 6300 Super takes ages for ART etc to come through

    Hi there - question re how long it takes for things A*T or Sh*wt*me to start decoding after a software update. My system takes hours to start working again - ie., go to sleep wake up and its ok again. Today updated at 12pm and still not decode A*T 3 hours later. Is this normal? :thum: for...