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    helpful chart

    Subject: FW: Health tip Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Cabernet Sauvignon...
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    spider 9000

    is their a file to change spi box9000 to an open box ,or, can u load say a 6000 file on,.
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    which cam

    what cam would u use for freeview, iv got a cam slot in my tv, i would have thought ud only want a cam slot, please enlighten,
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    no one else got a spiderbox on here yet,
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    crc data damage

    keep getting crc data damage, any help please,.:(
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    just bin lookin all over for a flash wizard pro, found one but it had data damage, 1/do i need a loader to load dbox, 2/if i do ,can someone give me one please,. lol dk,.
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    have we lost akta on16 for good,anyone know,.???:rolleyes:
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    is it down ,or is their new, about for 16,o
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    Sat Universe The Best

    iv been around the sat scene since 03, and been a member of a few sites, in my opinion, iv come to the decision that sat universe is the best site all round,.:D:nana::clapping::thum:
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    is tps down

    sumone tell me if its working, cause it hasnt bin on mine for two days,.
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    thank u button

    people put themselves out to provide u with there files, would it hurt u to say thanks by pressing the button,.:thum:
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    server too busy

    im still getting server too busy, am i alone,.
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    Technomate soft

    tm 5400ci not work for me,.:rolleyes:
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    sv not work

    sv not work for me ,on tm5400ci, thanks,
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    qbox n e info

    n e body got info on qbox yet please, particularly interested in the hidef version,.
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    cant access nag3 thread

    keeps saying i dont have enuf privs to access,moi,.
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    Dont Know How To

    i can put the large files in no prob, but im having big trouble putting small files in, think i have the echolink loader on my desktop,.WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OR DELETE this thread,.