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    Need help with Spanish feed

    Hi, excuse for my English. I' am using tbs 6925, dvbwiever with lav and mainconcept, but my screen is black. Before the game, I saw the test monoscope, but now black! Someone help me? I'm using dreambox 8000 with pc e vlc, but my monitor is green. What about this feed, what am I missing...
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    Help with 11145V 7120 on 7E

    I the Biss Feed Keys section there is this post in the ENGLISH-SCOTISH-WELSH-IRISH FOOTBALL 12.5°W, 24.5°W,7°E, 10°E, 100.5°E thread: But on my receiver I see ERICSSON SERVICE what can be happening:
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    Ciao a tutti.

    sono appena iscritto, saluto tutti voi. ciao!