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    laest files dragon/pred not working

    hello I'm getting freesing/reinitailising dragon cam with latest pred369 ,tryed all files here but still same. does anyone have working file for dragon????please:) best regards
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    WARNING NEWCS and DB800 burns cards

    Found today on net Pls beware !!!!!!!!! Do not use newcs atm with DM 800. It overclocks cards to 10 MH or higher 'cause of different driver behaviour. Pls spread this news where U can.
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    private server for visionet

    hello Is it possible to put/change CS server data? I wish to change public address to private one. Is it any tool to do this ,as public servers are dead. kind regards
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    new firmware 8000cis

    admins ,I can not upload/atach any file to this post, so here is a link NO LINK PLEASE Public Sat Upload more stable for 33ff regards
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    any new information when this baby will come on market???:rolleyes:
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    hi emunation -pre release downloaded here is not recognised in my progdvb. driver and ini file are in plugins folder but it not shows when I start progdvb? how to activate this pluggin? thsnkd
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    v_plug and premiere sci-fi

    50% of premiere channels works with v_plug and rest dont . I'm edited ECM id to 1668 then it works but shortly and need to change channel and back to start again???+ can somebody help,what I need to do to keep it running 100%`? thanks